Danista Nomads

We are experienced company organize a all types of adventurous tour in Mongolia .
We organize a tours 1 Day to 26 Day all types tour in customer interest and time.
We promise a excellent condition of camping outdoor equipments and experienced driver ,guide.

All in one place !

We are family owned hostel welcoming you our comfortable warm environment place.
We host you as family member and friend.
Not necessary to go many places to waste a time ,Stay with us get all services in one place!

Make your own trip!

Not exactly what are you looking for?
Tell us little more about your wish to experience in Mongolia ,How long , how would you like to travel ?
We will be your experienced V.I.P adviser.

Explore Mongolia

Explore wild beauty of a Nature, Learn Mongolian culture and tradition ,be part of Nomads
Our tour itinerary are specially checked by company and other customers.
Would you like to be one of +1000 happy customer .

Choose your Adventure

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Jeep adventure tour give you chance to explore Mongolian landscape in comfortable and short time .All Jeep tours are mixed with a small trial with a Horse trekking ,camel trekking too.

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Hostel we are welcoming our comfortable hostel. All rooms with a private bathroom ,good speed Wifi access is possible .We will host you as family member or friend.

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If you do not have a enough time for a explore Mongolia in many days ,just a book a short trips to get know about Mongolian life style. Tours will can be mixed with a Horse trekking trial and many other amazing activities .

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Dear adventure lovers ! Looking for something different ? Would you like to explore Mongolia and get experience by horse back trekking? Do not lose this chance! You will get true feeling of Nomads .

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What else can be more interesting and adventures than Hiking in unexplored path of Mongolian steppe. Hiking trip can be organized for any day you wish ,also can be mixed with a Jeep and Horse trekking tour.

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Fishing in pearl blue lakes and rivers in Mongolia.We organize a all types of special interest tour in Mongolia also gives advice . Customer should prepare a own fishing equipments.

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Car rental service for a whom want to discover Mongolia with a no itinerary and tailor made a own tour. Car rental service is not like customer own driving .Our experienced drivers drive a whole time place where you want to go.

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Really? Ready ? make sure you prepared for warm enough clothes .We will drive you through a beauty of Mongolian winter view .

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Dear travelers if you have a trouble to get Mongolian Visa ,or apply a request contact us in immediately .
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